Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rebecca (1940)

Rating: 100%
Decided to see a best picture winner that I had no idea whatsoever what it was I ended up watching Rebecca.

Plot: An unnamed woman who is 21 years old is currently working as a paid companion to a wealthy old woman when she meets a rich widower named Maximilian de Winter in Monte Carlo. Over a few weeks, they fall in love and decide to get married. Maximilian (but is named Maxim during the film) takes her to his country home where the servants accept her, under the exception of the housekeeper, Mrs. Danvers who was very fond of Maxim's ex-wife, Rebecca. As Maxim's new wife settles in, Mrs. Danvers' talk about Rebecca and what some of the other servants felt about her makes the new wife feel unworthy to have married Maxim. 

Okay so like I said in the intro, I had little to no idea what to really expect. I mean my brother said it was good and as I watched it I learned that it was done my Alfred Hitchcock, but that barely meant anything. But after watching this film I have to say - regardless of if you think this film sounds good or bad from reading my plot paragraph, YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!! This film was interesting when it started but halfway in, it left me really caring for the leading characters and had an unexpected yet remarkable ending, it was that good. And the acting was also very well done. Judith Anderson as Mrs. Danvers gave us one heck of a character, George Sanders as Jack Favell was really interesting with how he sounded charming yet menacing during the end of the film, and the Second Wife I liked the most because they did such a good job at making you care for her and hope that things end happily for her. It had happiness, romance, suspense, and drama all mixed in this film really well.

And that's my review for Rebecca. It's a classic film that left me really entertained with the story, lead female character, excellent performances, and is just a really well done film, probably is easily now one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films, that I recommend that you see if you haven't seen it already.   

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