Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lincoln (2012)

Rating: 95%
Alright so yesterday I finally saw Lincoln...took be long enough.

Plot: the story is set around early 1965 where Abraham Lincoln is trying to get the 13th amendment that is meant to abolish slavery. The problem is that not all the congressmen (primarily the democrats) are in favor of passing the amendment. So Lincoln along with the republicans  work on trying to convince people to vote for the 13th amendment to pass while also trying to end the war.

Good grief was this movie well done. I mean for one thing it does a particularly good job at displaying the world that they live in...even if that world is the world of politics. *Rim shot* And it's a story that's just well told. In fact it's so good that I want to find a documentary from the history channel or something like that to find out how much of this really happened and maybe know some of the people the supporting characters were based on as well. Because firstly, this film as a pretty big cast. I mean Daniel Day-Lewis goes without saying, Sally Field, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (which I didn't know until just now. Stupid long hair and mustache for throwing me off razza frazza ...), Hal Holbrook, and kind of my personal favorite, Tommy Lee Jones.'s just a certain piece of history that I didn't really get to any depth into when I was in school but now I kind of do thanks to this film. And what's to say about the performance aside from the fact that they're great? I mean I though Daniel Day-Lewis was portrayed an excellent performance even by his own normal standards as Lincoln with how he looked, how his posture was, and the voice most of all. I mean the voice just...holy crap did I not see that coming. The voice was just so unique and so unexpected from Day-Lewis that I sometimes even wondered if it was just all voice-over from a different person. This guy deserves a Best Actors nomination, possibly should even win, he just executed it wonderfully. Tommy Lee Jones's performance was probably my second favorite partly because of all the people I had not idea where in this film, he was the biggest surprise, but his character was just fascinating during the second half especially that I hope to know about the actual person he played more after seeing this film.

And that's my review for Lincoln. It was an excellent movie, plain and simple that just told the story so well with such good performances that it left me wanting to know a little more about the actual real event. Most likely going to be nominated for best picture, and it would be one nomination that I would have no problem in hoping that it wins.   

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