Friday, December 14, 2012

Rise of the Guardians (2012)

Rating: 65%
Alright so here's the final movie that I wanted to finally see this week: Rise of the Guardians.

Plot: The Guardians - Santa Claus, Toothfairy, Sandman, and the Eater Bunny - are tasked with protecting children and creating joy to the world as long as children believe they exist. But then their old foe, The Bogeyman return to try to bring fear into the children, so the mysterious 'Man in the Moon' declares to make the spirit of winter, Jack Frost, a new guardian to take part in defeating the Bogeyman.

This was actually just okay. The animation is well done and stuff like that, the idea is nice, and despite whatever problems I have the characters were fairly fun. Plus it has a good cast with having Hugh Jackman, Alec Baldwin, Chris Pine and Jude Law. But what really makes this movie not as great as people say it is is A) the story was predictable on quite a few areas, but B) the somewhat bigger issue is that I felt that the development of the world, the story and the characters were left only between partly to mostly done. Let's talk characters first. Some of the characters were developed to the fullest like the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus which is part of how they were pretty fun. But as far as development went, I feel like they focused on it a little too much on Jack Frost. Granted that's not entirely a bad thing. I mean he was really clever, fun and he had a well thought of story. But with so much focus on him, I felt that other characters didn't quite get the attention I thought they should have. My two main examples are the Tooth fairy and the Man in the Moon. The Tooth Fairy I thought they could given her more background with her character to the point were they even could've given us who she was before she became the Tooth Fairy. As for the Man in the Moon, I understand how he's suppose to be this big mysterious being and all, but with a concept like that, I honestly thought was maybe a little too mysterious. I think they could've given us a little more then that. Other creatures and stuff like that from this world I thought were left unexplained, most notably those big furry creatures at Santa's workshop. I thought they gave us so little about them that I think they didn't tell us what they were even called. But I digress from all this and just face that whatever faults I can find about this film, it's still pretty enjoyable. Some people even comment that it's basically The Avengers for elementary school kids. And I can get that1 I mean it's basically all the lovable characters from our childhood saving the day and all that. Though I don't know about it working as being The Avengers for children personally because as Jeremy Jahns points out, probably most kids have actually seen The Avengers, so that might not completely work. But even then, kids can enjoy this film all the same because it does have some nice 3D animated action to go with everything else.

And that's my review for Rise of the Guardians. It's a little predictable and I for one felt they left some thing incomplete development wise with some of the characters and some of the creatures and stuff like that in the world that they live in. But it still have and a fairly creative world with fun characters, enjoyable action, and just a nice film to enjoy all around. So that concludes seeing all the animated movies that I wanted to see this year. I still think Wreck-it Ralph is the best, but altogether I thought this was a very nice year for animated films.   

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  1. Too cute a movie .A must watch for any & every one .Brings out the Christmas spirit even more . It is very very meaningfull !!