Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gone with the Wind (1939)

Rating: 100%
Well I don't have much best picture winners to review from the 30's, but even then, I suppose you can't say big hits from back hits from those days without mentioning this classic. So here's my review for Gone with the Wind.

Plot: The film starts in 1861, where Scarlett O'Harra - a daughter of an irish immigrant who is part of an aristocratic French ancestry in Tara, Gerogia - finds out that a man that she secretly loves named Ashley Wilkes, plans to marry his cousin Melanie. She tries to convince him otherwise by confessing her love, but he refuses. Meanwhile, she becomes admired by a man from the northern side of America named Rhett Butler who find out about her secret and agrees to keep it a secret. But shortly afterwords, the Civil War breaks out and as it goes on, the life Scarlett and her family and friends have known falls apart.

Well what can I say that probably as already been said about movies like this? It's a very well done film. The cinematography and the colors are beautifully done considering its time,  it was very well acted and the first 2/3rd of the film really displays what life in the south was and how it horribly changed the moment the Civil War began. It similar to Mrs. Miniver in that way, of how their lives change during both wars, but Gone with the Wind is much more dark and serious in how things have gone from happy and simple to everything that once was blown to hell and then some. And then there's of coarse the romantic couple in this film to top it off. Clark Cable of coarse was playing the charming guy who has faults but is also caring and often willing to help making it little wonder that he was at least nominated for best actor. But the main performance to talk about is Vivien Leigh as Scarlett. Now a year before I decided to watch this movie again for the first time in years and the review it, I met this girl at film school who told me that on top of Gone with the Wind being her favorite film, she also said that her favorite character is Scarlett, but she also hates her. I don't specifically remember why she feels that way, but watching this movie again, I can see why. On one hand, you want to care for what she's going through with a man she loves marrying someone else, being scared for all the terror and loss she tragically faces during and after the war and how she can be caring for some people. But at the same time, she's also just simply stubborn, selfish, greedy and even cruel. You may still wish things got better or that she reaches her goals, but deep down you know she gets what comes to her. If that's that way Scarlett was intended to be - which she probably was - then that just given us all the more reason to find it little surprise that Leigh won best actress for her performance.

And that's my review for Gone with the Wind. It was a beautifully done movie with really well done cinematography and color, excellent acting and displaying what life was like back then, and a romantic couple that gave out great performances- most notably Vivien Leigh, it's altogether an enjoyable film to continue remembering.

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