Monday, December 3, 2012

It Happened One Night (1934)

Rating: 100%
Alright. At last we come to a particular classic that has won Best Picture back in the 30's. So here's my review for It Happened One Night.

Plot: Ellie is a spoiled heiress who marries a fortune hunter named King against the wishes if her father. Her father has the marriage annulled so she run away and hops on a bus stop heading to New York to reunite with King. But along the way she meets a reporter named Peter who agrees to help her with her financial troubles on the condition that she helps him make a big story for his newspaper on her whole situation between her, her father and King. 

Okay what can I say that hasn't already been said about this particular film? It's fun, it's creative during it's time- heck, plenty of romantic comedies since this one have come up their idea that is in some way similar to what this one is. Some of it has even been spoofed during the movie Spaceballs (also a classic). Why is it so good? Because it's one of the few films nowadays that actually live up to both being romantic and a comedy. Cable and Colbert play their roles very well and their characters' relationship works easily. And the comedy was also very cute and enjoyable which made the film fun to watch.

And that's my review for It Happened One Night. It has wit, it has charm, it's a classic plain and simple that you will definitely enjoy without a doubt. And if you feel that you've heard the story before...blame it on any of the movies you've seen that have taken the structure to it.

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