Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gandhi (1981)

Rating: 95%
With only a couple more winner from the 80's to go, let's review another particularly great film: Gandhi.

Plot: The story begins in 1948 where Gandhi is assassinated. The film then starts off 55 years earlier where 24 year old Gandhi begins to realize how the British laws are biased against Indians after he is thrown off a train South African train for being an Indian sitting first class. So he starts a non-violent protest campaign for the rights of Indians in South Africa. After the campaign succeeds for the most part, he goes back to India and eventually agrees to start a non-violent campaign for India's independence from the British Empire.

Wow. Where do I begin with reviewing this movie? I mean as a whole the movie is great with giving us a long but deep and remarkable tale, about this man, but... let's be honest, the real heart of this film is just Ben Kingsley as Gandhi. His performance is what really makes this film so mind blowing. Just how he shows us Gandhi as a man of non-violence and trusting in love and truth and how he reacts to things like his own people fighting either the empire or themselves or whenever he get arrested, or what have you. When you look back at the movie as a whole after you've seen it, you become amazed at how much of Gandhi's life Kingsley give you. And...well really there's nothing else much to say about him. Everything else in the film was greatly done to help Kingsley bring the tale of Gandhi to life. Frankly, the only thing close to a down is that it is pretty long, but they give so much to the story that I'm not completely sure what should've been left out.

And that's my review for Gandhi. Everything aside from Kingsley was right on the dot with bringing us what was happening around that time, but it's Kingsley's performance that really brings it to life making Gandhi a great film to the point where it's very little wonder that it won best picture.   

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