Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Annie Hall (1977)

Rating: 60%
Okay so this is the one that defeated Star Wars IV: A New Hope for best picture...so let's see why I gave it the rating that I gave it.

Plot: The film revolves around the comedian named Alvy who talks about his relationship with a woman named Annie. We go through the story about their relationship while they also discuss Alvy's life in the past.

Okay so this film is a super big deal for film in general. It's ranked #31 in AFI's greatest films in american cinema, it's placed #4 on their list of top comedy, critics love it, it goes on and on and on. But sadly I was not as entertained as apparently everybody else is. *audience boos* Yeah... does it help that I at least don't think it was an oscar screw-up in having this film winning entirely? *audience just stares in pure disapproval* Umm...I guess not. I don't know, I guess it's just not my kind of movie. I mean if the comedy is making just about making everyone laugh...well...great, but it doesn't really work for me. Most of the jokes I can kind of understand as to what would make people laugh at the very least, but close to none of them were the kind of comedy that would make me really laugh. I'll like some certain jokes like the 'mental subtitles' and that little cartoon sequence where Annie's appearing as the Wicked Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but that's kind of it. But I still give it a positive review because comedy aside because I can definitely see and kind of agree to some of the other reasons why people are singing so many praises to this particular film. It has a rather unique style with things like Alvy occasionally breaking the fourth wall for things like talking to passing bystanders about love and how some guy form a movie theater misinterpreted a film, and it touches on some themes in some interesting ways. Some of it has to do with things like life in Manhattan or life as a jewish male (or something like that), but it also primarily talks about love that I found to be interesting. I wouldn't say that I agreed with every single aspect of what he was talking about when it came to love especially, but for the most part, what Alvy concluded when it came to it was a good way to look at love for the most part.

And that's my review for Annie Hall. It's a nice film with it's unique style and ways of tackling themes like love, and if you haven't seen it, you might succeed where I did not in really being entertained with the kind of comedy that it has. But for me, it was good for how it was different as a film but not much for me otherwise. I'm glad that I saw it for what it's worth, but considering it's not really the kind of film for me, I honestly don't really plan on seeing it again.

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