Saturday, October 13, 2012

True Romance (1993)

Rating: 95%
Okay so when I posted my review for Top Gun to my Film Buffs group on Facebook, one of the guys in the group, Mina (or Marshall as I tend to call him) agreed with what I said and also suggested that I take a look at another Tony Scott (Requiescat in pace (Rest in peace in Italian)) movie that he considered to be a really good movie, particularly since it was also written by Quentin Tarantino. So I just watched it a couple of nights ago, so here's my review for True Romance.

Plot: Clarance is a comic book store clerk who meets a woman named Alabama while watching a triple feature in the theaters on his birthday. They seem to hit it off, but after sleeping with each other, Alabama admits that she actually is a call girl who was hired by Clarance's boss as a birthday present to him, but she admits that she actually really is in love with him and he admit that he feels the same for her. So they get married and start to live happily, but then Clarance decides to kill Alabama's pimp, Drexel, who is also a drug dealer so Alabama can be left alone and then steals the coke that Drexel have leaving him and Alabama to plan to go to L.A. to sell it. But they eventually are being chased by a Detroit mafia boss who owns the cocaine that Drexel actually stole.

Mina was totally right. This was a really, really good movie. I mean the story was very well written but it's all the other stuff that really makes this movie interesting. I mean the romance is good...if you like that kind of romance that our modern society likes...which I'm not into, but if you do, you'll probably enjoy it. The action was very well done and was really suspenseful and even really deep at some particular moments. And the casting and acting is awesome. I mean my main issue with this film is that some supporting cast members are not in the film as often as you would love to such as Samuel L. Jackson, and Val Kilmer. But some are there for a decent about of time like Brad Pitt and also Christopher Walken who both did some pretty good jobs. But my favorite performance in the film bar none was Gary Oldman as Drexel. I mean I knew he was a good actor before, but holy cow did he really prove how far he can go into being a completely different person. It was pretty remarkable and I wish I could've seen more for him in particular.

And that's my review for True Romance. It's a well-written and acted romantic crime film filled with an awesome cast, plenty of romance (or at least romance as far as our modern world goes), action-packed and is all around a very good time and I side with Mina that as far as I know, this is probably the best movie that Tony Scott came up with hands down.     

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