Thursday, October 4, 2012

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (2008)

Rating: 60%
Okay so I'm finally at the last of the High School Musicals so...let's just get this over with so I can review something else musical related to prepare for Les Mes.

Plot: Well all the Wildcats are in their senior year and have recently won the basketball championship game a second time. But now the theater teacher Mrs. Darbus is making a musical that's all about the seniors and has also announced that Troy, Sharpay, Ryan and Kelsi all have a spot in the Julliard School (even though Troy didn't apply). Troy is having trouble to know which school to go to because his family and Chad have all originally planned to go to the University of Albuquerque to major in basketball, while Gabriella is secretly considering going to Standford early which will result in her missing the musical.

This is not that grand of a movie just like the rest of them, but it's SO much more bearable. I mentioned in my review to the second film that my friend Kabrina who's a HSM geek thinks that this one was the worst while I KNOW that the second is the worst. Her basic argument is that this one is the worst because it doesn't really have a plot. And yes, I can agree that the plot - while also still being cheesy and all that jazz - is thinner then the plot of the first two movies because while it's there, the things that the characters face aren't as conflicting as it has been for them in the first two films. But to me, the plot being that thin is one of the best parts of the movie. Part of why the first two were bad - second one especially - was because of the conflict that was not only cheesy but just so. plain. fricking. stupid. Here we can watch HSM without a whole lot of that and mostly just have a lot of big musical numbers that help actually make this film bearable. Because another reason why this movie is much more bearable then the first two will ever be are the musical numbers where the songs were bigger, the choreography was actual, well-thought of choreography (well...when it's not a Troy and Gabriella song anyway.), and it had big sets, choir/dance members, and all around felt like this was and actual musical which - if you like musicals - altogether made this movie much more entertaining. So yes, it's still cheesy, doesn't have all that grand of characters and the plot is still thin to the point where even some HSM geeks like Kabrina know to not be all thrilled with how the movie turned out. But if  you're like me and you want less story considering what the first two films gave us and would like to see an actual fairly made musical (or at least as much of a musical as it can possibly despite still being HSM) then you may agree with me that this movie turned out to be something of an 'eh' kind of movie.

Music: Alright final round in judging these HSM songs. First there's the songs that I rank Bland and Forgettable: "High School Musical", "I Just Wanna Be With You", and "Walk Away". Then there's the rank that I have adjusted to to Just So Fricking Catchy: Which is just "Now or Never".  And the only songs I would rank Bland but Guilty Pleasure: would be "Right Here, Right Now" and "Can I Have This Dance" After that, the soundtrack has songs that I actually consider to be all around really good songs. "I Want It All" may have a general message that's not unexpected to be there when it comes to Sharpay, but the song was so big and energetic and the scenery and choreography was not that bad that it's still a fun song. "The Boys are Back" is also very energetic and brings a lot of excitement with the setting, the choreography which I thought it was the best that they have come up with, with any of the High School Musicals. And "Scream" I thought was the best song all around. While the message was not too original, it can relate to people from High School or maybe something else entirely who don't know what to do with their life. And I thought the music was very deep and kind of worked for the semi-dark setting (and I do mean just semi). Personally I would've liked to have seen it with bigger facial and body movements from Troy and also lose some of the choreography that I found unnecessary along with having each part of the scene shot in a whole bunch of angles to make the editing bigger, faster, and more suspenseful in a way that's similar to the editing and cinematography in Black Swan. Because if they did do something like that, then I think maybe even some of the most skeptical people who watch this this movie would really find "Scream" to be incredibly awesome to watch.

And that's my review for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. It barely has a plot and still is plenty cheesy just the way we know the entire HSM trilogy, but if you didn't want much story and you want to just see a lot of big musical numbers with some much more thought of choreography and things like that then you're likely to have a nice time watching this movie. So now I'm finally done with reviewing the HSM trilogy. Next?...I'm thinking probably Phantom of the Opera.

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