Saturday, November 3, 2012

The English Patient (1996)

Rating: 60%
Alright so next to review among the best picture winner is The English Patient.

Plot: A man who is critically burned after his plane is shot down is being taken care of by a nurse named Hana in an abandoned Italian monastery during late World War II. The burned man is only named 'The English Patient", but as the films goes on, the 'patient' gets a set of flashbacks that reveal that he is a Hungarian cartographer named Count László de Almásy, and how he fell in love with a married woman named Katherine.

meh. Just nice. I mean my main issue is that the whole general idea of the romance is a cliche. I mean it feels like it's roughly the exact thing as the romance from Out of Africa. That being said, most of the story in the film is hardly creative or terribly interesting. But I think it's really the second half of the film and all the scenes that are not flashbacks that makes the film enjoyable. Because it's the second half where we begin to get more into all the other stuff about Count Almásy besides his affair and all the things that's happens outside of the flashbacks that makes the story a little more bearable. It doesn't help a whole lot, but at the least it helps make a movie just...meh.

And that's simply all I really have to say about The English Patient.    

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