Monday, July 9, 2012

The Woman in Black (2012)

Rating: 60%
Okay so I tried to see this movie around the time it was coming out, but that didn't exactly work. But luckily, my parents rented it and we just brought it to my grandparents' house to finally see it.

Plot: Arthur Kipps is a widowed lawyer with a four-year-old son. He is assigned to go to this town to go to this large manor and obtain all the paperwork he needs so it can be sold. But while he's doing so, he keeps spotting this mysterious woman in black which eventually results in some terrible things happening to the children in the town.

Now what make this movie not very swell is that when you think about it, the whole ghost thing just makes quite a few stuff predictable. What doesn't help is that the first 40 minutes of the movie is really slow, which was fine with developing the characters and the story, but then it kind of dragged whenever it was just Arthur in the manor. Luckily the movie came around with giving more of the actual story about The Woman in Black which made the movie much more interesting and entertaining, and there was a couple of scary moments where I did make a decent jump. *WARNING SPOILERS* But there were a couple of issues that there was to the story. One that my family and I mostly agreed on was how most of the time no one would tell Arthur about the story of the Woman in Black. I mean my mom did point out that it wasn't natural to do that around that time or something like that, but there was still his friend Sam who didn't believe in it. So you'd think he'd at least brief him on it. Then there's the very end where even though they brought The Woman her son back, the curse didn't lift and that resulted in Arthur and Joseph getting killed. To put it simply, WHAT THE HECK!?!?!?!?! They give them her son back but she'll still kill the kids? I mean seriously, I'm siding with my mom where right after the movie ended where she said "what a cow." *END OF SPOILERS* All together, this may have an old fashioned idea, and a few issues with the story, but it still gives an interesting plot with some good acting and all around is a decent horror/thriller movie.

Daniel Radcliffe/Arthur Kipps: Now for some people like my brothers, it was hard to take Radcliffe seriously in terms of not being Harry Potter. Now I will admit that it was a little hard considering his ever so familiar voice and face where it was like if he ever called someone Hermione or had a companion that sometimes says "bloody hell", that was it for trying to be something different from Harry Potter. But neither happened and Radcliffe all together did a very good job in being a different character and just did some good acting all around. He has a long way to go since leaving Hogwarts, but I have a little bit of hope that he'll pull through and be able to make it through not just being Harry Potter.

Music: Some of it wasn't that original considering it was natural horror music, but the theme score or whatever is the right thing to call it was fairly nice.

And that's my review for The Woman in Black. The idea is old fashioned, but the story is interesting and the acting is good and it's a nice movie to watch when it comes to seeing how fairly well Daniel Radcliffe is doing as an actor ever since he left Hogwarts.

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