Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Singin' in the Rain (1952)

Rating: 95%
Well today was the day some theaters where going to play this movie to celebrate it's 60th anniversary. But since I didn't want to spend my money on it as sweet of an idea it is to watch such an old classic on the big screen, I just watched the movie at home. So here's my review for Singin' in the Rain.

Plot: Don is a popular silent film star who was original a singer, dancer and a stunt man and barely tolerates his leading partner Lina who believes is in love with him just because the public thinks so. One night along the way to a party, Don is attacked by fans and escapes by jumping into the car of a woman named Kathy who drops him off but not before telling him that she's an actress and thinks that because he works in silent films, he's not a real actor. He meets her again to find her as one of the dancers at the party, but Lina becomes jealous and gets her fired. Don find her again while he and the company works on its first talking movie. The movie gets terrible results at the preview due to the sound, but then Don, Kathy and his best friend Cosmo decide to turn the movie into a musical.

What can I say that you probably know already? The movie's a classic. The story is good, the characters are lovable (with the exception of Lina of coarse) the music is memorable and what really got me from watching this film today along with the music was the choreography. I think this movies as one of the wackiest and more creative choreography I've seen. I mean just the first dance number with the violins alone made me go all "I wanna dance like that all creative and stuff". I think my only issue is that there are a couple of stuff during the dance/singing numbers that don't entirely make sense. *WARNING SPOILERS* For example, in "Moses Supposes" it ends with Don and Cosmo just piling a bunch of random stuff and then it ends which i find weird. Then there's the broadway melody where during the end, part of the set are a bunch of large boxes or whatever with a big letter in each one...just what's the purpose to it? Both of these aren't really big deals and maybe there doesn't really need to be an answer, but all the same, I just wonder. *END OF SPOILERS* But otherwise, it's just an excellent musical classic that can easily be enjoyed through and through.

Gene Kelly/Don: Well he's pretty easy to like. I mean he's smart, clever caring and all around the hero of the story which that alone makes him fun to watch when it comes to him in this film.
Donald O'Connor/Cosmos: Man that guy was crazy. I mean he had some creative and energetic body movement, he has some pretty funny lines, all around he was pretty entertaining as the comedy star (at least I think that would be the right way to put his part in the film)
Debbie Reynolds/Kathy: She was pretty likable as the female lead of the story, but honestly I thought she would be in the film more often then she was. I mean she was in it a good amount but there some point in the film - I think it was the whole mic thing - where it felt like a gap in a sense to not have here there at all. I mean the scene in itself is fine but when we see her again, somehow I was all "hey Kathy, were have you been?" But I digress especially since that matter is probably as small of a deal as the stuff I said in the spoilers. 

Music: pfff. do i even need to bother? "Moses Supposes", "Make 'em Laugh", "Good Morning" and of coarse, "Singin' in the Rain". Just excellent music that should be well remembered.

Editing: It's mostly good but there were a couple of bad cuts here and there, mostly one cut - i forget which scene - but there was one action two characters did during the end of one shot, then it cut to a wider shot which started by playing that action with the two characters all over again.

And that's my review for Singin' in the Rain. It has a few issues here and there, but it's still a wonderful, fun, creative lovable film that has rightfully been remembered for so long. So here's to another 60 years of remembrance.

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