Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Rating: 75%
FINALLY!!!! It took me long enough to finally watch this movie. Practically everyone's talking about how this movie is ssssssoooooooooo wonderful or something around that and telling me to watch it and I haven't really given myself the time up till about a week ago. So let's finally look into my thoughts about How to Train Your Dragon.

Plot: Hiccup is the son of a Viking chieftain in an island where the village is constantly attacked by dragons. Hiccup is considered a disgrace in the village because he can hardly do anything useful let alone kill dragons like everyone else. So during a dragon attack, Hiccup uses a cannon to capture a dragon that no one has ever seen called a Night Fury to try to no longer be an embarrassment to his father. But when he finds the dragon, he decides to set it free. But the dragon's tail is injured, keeping if from properly flying so slowly but surely, Hiccup begins to earn the dragon's trust and along the way names it 'Toothless' and invents a prosthetic tail for it and begin to learn to fly it.

Now I'll admit that this movie is not spectacular, but it still pretty good. The world's a little creative with the locations and the different kinds of dragons, the characters are good, and the comedy has some cute parts. The animation is also very good and the process of Hiccup and Tothless' relationship is interesting. My main problem would be the structure of the movie. I mean with Hiccup having his crush on Astrid, his secret about Toothless, his relationship with his dad and how it turns out in the end, it's roughly no different then a couple of other films. But it's still a good movie on how it's entertaining and while the way it's structured isn't great, it at least has a couple of things go differently, which I liked.

Hiccup: Well he was a nice characters but he wasn't all that unique. I mean he's trying to be a somebody and trying to get his dad's approval and all that jazz. So while he was still entertaining, that didn't stop him from not exactly being the most unique character in the film.
Toothless: Now I've heard how Toothless was suppose to look a little like Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, and...yeah I can see that. But honestly, whenever I saw Toothless I kept thinking of my dog Saddie. I know that sounds weird but as the movie progressed, Toothless had this sort of cuteness and just friendly animal personality that makes me keep thinking of my dog...that and they're both black I mean Toothless is a Night Fury and Saddie's a Black Lab. But anyway, Toothless was a pretty fun and likable character and I did like how he bonded with Hiccup.

And that's my review for How to Train Your Dragon. It's not structured super well, but it's still a little creative and has stuff that makes it a fun film to enjoy. So I only mostly agree with practically everyone who says that this movie's super awesome or whatever.


  1. I still haven't seen this film, but it is supposed to be very good. Good review, HAK

  2. I think of How to Train Your Dragon as it is in 3D which I haven't seen for a long time. The 2D version looks alright though but nothing more mightier than it isn't much captivating as the 3D aspect that I once saw in the movie theatres.