Sunday, November 9, 2014

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Well two big, anticipated movies came out on Friday, and I hope to see Interstellar some other time, but for now, here's Big Hero 6.

Plot: In a hybrid city of San Fransokyo (a mix of San Fransisco and Tokyo) a boy named Hiro tries to get into his brother, Tadashi's university where he can create new inventions for the good of mankind. But when a fire breaks out at the university, which results in Tadashi's death, Hiro discovers that one of his inventions is stolen and being secretly used by a mysterious man with a mask. So with the help of Tadashi's healthcare robot Baymax, Hiro decides to find out what the mysterious man is up to and if he is responsible for his brother's death.

Well by now, the majority of reviews have pretty much praised the crap out of this movie. And for me personally, I definitely agree that it's a pretty good film...not spectacular per say, but still a very good film. Don't get me wrong, the things that people praise this movie for, I'm siding with them all the way. But the problems I have with the film, while arguably nitpicks in some respects, are big enough that they take me out of the film on occasions. But once again, let's talk about what's good first. First off, I really like how this film handles the really heartfelt moments, namely what Hiro is going through with Tadashi's death. Even if they don't actually say the word "dead" or even just "death" (which by the way, come on Disney. We appreciate you guys keeping things happy and upbeat, but we both know you're decades past the point where you can hide that death is real in your movies. Not saying it isn't fooling anyone.), they still give us a deep and relatable set of scenes that truly fleshes out what Hiro is going through. Also, the animation is great. I mean that should go without saying, but there are some moments where they really give us some beautiful and colorful pieces of animation. And they also gave the action for the movie justice with its animation too. It was a little creative, it was exciting, it was very fast-paced, it's fun to watch. And then you have the character that most people figured was going to steal the show after seeing the trailers; Baymax. Who didn't feel pretty sure that this robot was going to get the most attention? I think I can say that I was for the most part. And...yeah, he didn't exactly disappoint. He was likable, he was funny, his friendship with Hiro was very strong, he was the highlight of the movie. So where did the film fall a little flat? Well firstly, and this is probably the problem that's the most likely to be a nitpick, the story as a whole was familiar. Certain parts in the film where pretty predictable rather easily. Was it enough that it really hurt the movie as a whole?, but at the same time, I feel that they need to up their game a little. Second problem is the villain. Sure he acts and looks pretty darn cool, but the character himself, without giving anything away, is not that interesting. I mean you understand his motivation, but the motivation has been done many times already. But the biggest problem I have that I think some people can agree on, is the lack of time with the other member of the Big Hero 6. Aside from one or two characteristics, I barely remember anything about most of them. Granted, this is Hiro and Baymax's story. I get that. It's about them and therefore that's who they really needed to focus on, which they did. But I still wish we got to know the other members of the Big Hero 6 better. I couldn't help but like some of them like Gogo and Honey Lemon. Why couldn't we get more time with them?

And that's my review for Big Hero 6. It's a fun and funny, action packed film with great heartfelt moments, wonderful animation, and a terrific relationship between Hiro and Baymax. Do I see it winning Best Animated Feature? much as I would love that as a Disney fan, I honestly think that as an all around piece of cinema, The Lego Movie is the superior animated film. But if for whatever reason, The Lego Movie loses, I'd say Big Hero 6 is an enjoyable movie to lose to. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.  

Rating: 85%

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