Friday, November 25, 2011

Saludos Amigos (1942)

My Rating: 70%

Without much introduction here's Disney review # 20: Saludos Amigos.

Plot: This film is split into four segments based on the travels of the Disney artists of at this time.

Lake Titicaca: Donald Duck explores the sights and people of Lake Titicaca
Perdo: a little plane from Chile goes on an adventure to collect the mail to and from Mendoza

El Gaucho Goofy: Goofy as an American Cowboy travels to the Argentine Pampas.
Aquarela do Barsil: the film ends with Donald Duck befriending a new character named Jose Carioca

Now The problem for me with this film is that it's not really my kind of film in any way whatsoever. but that doesn't make it any less interesting in terms of that fact that Disney has made one of it's animated films as a way to show us foreign countries with our beloved characters. The stories where nice. nothing super original but it's still nice. I think the best parts were really just anything with Donald and Goofy's Donald and Goofy.

Music: It was nice. I know I'm saying that probably too often with this review but still, there was nothing that really stood out as really good or super bad.

And that's my review of Saludos Amigos. It's an okay films that's a nice way to know a little bit about other countries and to see more of Donald and Goofy, the rest is probably best understood if you see it for yourself.