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Zootopia (2016)

Ladies and Gentleman, here's my 650th review!... sorry that this is almost two months late. I've been pretty busy these days.

Plot: Judy is a rabbit who dreams of growing up to be a police officer in the city of Zootopia. She completes her goal, but is excluded from handling the top-priority cases because of her species. She's put on parking duty where she meets a fox who is a con artist named Nick. Eventually, Judy takes an oppertunity to show her potential by volunteering to look for a missing otter. So after blackmailing Nick to help her, the two go on a quest to find this otter within 48 hours or else Judy has to leave the force. But along the way, Judy and Nick begin to notice some carnivores go on rampage. 

By now you have heard but this is another terrific animated Disney film, and...yeah it really is. The first Disney theatrical animated movies starting nothing but anime characters stove Robin Hood it's not only good, it may be the best movie they have made in years.

First off, the animation and the world that they created are wonderful. The design and movement of the animals are pitch perfect. We see these animals act like actual animals. Judy is constantly twitching her nose,  wolves are jumping at anything, sloths are super slow and they take advantage of all of it. Zootopoa itself is also very inventive. It's designed so that it contains a lot of habitats for so many different kinds of animals, and a lot of the specific locations in the city are really clever. I wont go into a whole lot of detail in describing the creativity of Zootopia, but it definitely is a creative that I think Walt Disney himself would be very proud of.

The humor in this movie is terrific. Just like with Marvel and Star Wars, Disney has upgraded their humor in a way that was ever thought possible. I just wish I knew how Disney figured out how to up their game with their comedy over the past few years, because when this film is funny it's really freaking funny. The jokes with the wolves and the sloths were especially hilarious. I saw this movie with my brothers Tommy and Jonathan and my future sister-in-law Danae, and we all couldn't stop ourselves from quoting the jokes that they pulled on the journey home from seeing the movie.

Characters are also a ton of fun and very memorable. I liked JK Simmons as the mayor, Nick was fun, but my favorite character out of all them I think would have to be Judy. I enjoyed how she was so smart and determined to being a police officer. The "never giving up" trait is really cliche, but it holds up up with character. When we were watching her train her way to become a police officer there was a part of me that was thinking "go bunny, go". Even more so when she tried to be optimistic about her duties on her first day as a police officer. The main villain - while not giving anything away, was a somewhat smart villain. I would be lying if I said I didn't roll my eyes when we got the twist as to who the villain was, when it was revealed. But the same time the more I thought about it afterwords, I realized that the villain's motivation made sense and it was fitting with the story.

Speaking of the story, it might be the smartest part of the entire movie. Not only did it bring new life to the cliche of the buddy cop story, but the plot line of  carnivores going on a rampage address the situation of social issues real life. Yeah really think about that. Disney somehow found a way to smartly and maturely address social issues but  with talking animals that act like humans. And it really works.

There was one thing that both myself and my family had a problem with - and this is really just a nitpick, it would be how the pop star, Gazelle and her tiger dancers are all wearing sexy outfits. I know they're animals and everything, but the way Gazelle was wearing this revealing outfit on top of her tiger dancers being these big buff guys wearing shorts but no shirts just make it feel a little uncomfortable. But again it's a total total total nitpick. Besides, she also gave us the song Try Everything which is surprisingly a very fun song. You'd think that because it's a pop song from an artist you have never heard of, it would be bland and forgettable like those pop songs from A Peanuts Movie. But somehow Try Everything stands out very well.

And that's my review for Zootopia. The world is creative, the animation is great, the characters are lovable, the story is arguably the smartest one Disney has ever made, it's a ton. If you have not seen it yet, definitely find a good showtime at a theater near you and take a look.

Rating: 95%

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  1. Matthew David ClineMay 3, 2016 at 1:58 PM

    This was truly a great film. I saw this film for the very first time on my birthday a couple weeks ago and then againh this past Friday. Honestly, I thought it was likely better than Frozen (other than that one having more songs and what not, that is). And for the record, I can likely relate to Judy Hopps in a way. Anyway, great review once again!