Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rio (2011)

Okay so before I review more stuff Blaine has shown me, I want to quickly get out of the way a couple other movies that I have recently seen. The first is a movie that I despised with a passion for a long time despite having never seen it. Why? Because it took the #1 slot for the box office at the time from Scream 4; a movie that I, along with many other people, find to be despicably underrated. So despite knowing that I was being silly in hating a movie I have never seen...well... I just did that anyway. But my grandparents for whatever reason bought the film recently, so during my latest visit at their place, we all took a look at Rio.

Plot: A blue macaw is capture from his home in Rio and eventually found by a little girl named Linda who takes care of him and names him Blu. Fifteen years later, Linda is grown up and owns a bookstore and Blu grown up high domesticated but unable to fly. Then a Ornithologist named TĂșlio comes and tells Linda that Blu is the last male of his kind and offers her to take him to Rio so he can mate with a female blu macaw in order to save his species. So they go and Blu is forces to try to mate with the female named Jewel, but then they are captured and taken to a group of smugglers and so try to escape and return to Linda.

So what did I think about this movie I so stubbornly hated? Its... actually better then I honestly thought it would be even if I was putting the whole thing about Scream 4 aside. However, it mainly revolves around its animation and the comedy rather than the story and the characters. But let's start off with the good stuff. The animation as I just stated, is very good. It's colorful, and also gives us some great scenery just from the the mere view of Rio de Janero. The songs are also very likable; The best on is easily the beginning song "Real in Rio", which was nominated for original song at the Oscars. Should it have won? *snickers* Of coarse not. "Man or Muppet" is just plainly too funny and original for "Real in Rio to have ever stood a chance. But regardless, "Real in Rio" is very catchy and has a very fun melody that can get stuck in your head fairly well. Most of the other song where much more generic, but  they still where a lot of fun... except for the villain song which is so generic that I honestly barely remember that it was there at all. Finally, the comedy is fairly good too. Granted, there are times when it is trying to hard or have some jokes that are just the farthest thing from funny. But other than that, the majority of the jokes hits its target which does lead me to laughing somewhat frequently during the film. So what is bad about the movie? Well I don't know if I would call it bad because it was still entertaining, but the story and the characters weren't all that much. Don't get me wrong, they weren't boring or anything like that. But the characters were only partly interesting but mostly generic, and the majority of the story was pretty predictable for the most part. It was still entertaining either way, but those problems are still there.

And that's my review for Rio. While the plot and characters are nothing too special, it still is an entertaining movie with it's colorful animation, enjoyable songs, and some pretty good comedy. Do I think it's better than Scream 4? Heck no! But it's still a decent flick that didn't entirely deserve all of my silly little hatred. 

Rating: 65%

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  1. Matthew David ClineAugust 5, 2014 at 12:01 PM

    Awesome review! Still, I thought the story and characters were great too. But that's me. I do agree on pretty much everything else though. You should try to review Rio 2 as well. It's not quite as good as the first as a whole, I will tell you that. However, they do develop the characters a little more, especially Jewel at one point. Anyway, hope you get a chance to review it soon.