Saturday, July 6, 2013

Flushed Away (2006)

Rating: 85%
This is another film that my friend Meg got me into watching and this one probably surprised me the most. So here's my review for Flushed Away.

Plot: Roddy is a pet rat living in a upper crust Kensington flat who all around enjoys living his life. But while the family that takes care of him is on a vacation, a sewer rat comes in and pushes Roddy into the toilet and flushes him in so he can stay in the house. This leads to Roddy discovering a city of rats in the sewers and meets a female rat named Rita who is trying to get her hands on her father's ruby by her arch enemy, The Toad. So Roddy decides to help her get the ruby back in exchange for Rita helping him get back to his home.

I wasn't really sure what to expect with Flushed Away since I didn't really know an awful lot about the story or anything like that. But what I found from finally seeing the movie, I was surprised with how it was a pretty good movie. It had a really good cast with Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian Mckellen, Bill Nightly and even Andy Serkis. The story while having some cliches here and there, was enjoyable and well told. The characters where fun and were developed very well. I think my favorite character would be The Toad. He was this fun character who had these different sides to him and Ian Mckellen really brought that to life really well. But the best part of the movie is the comedy. The comedy was not only funny, but sometimes it was very creative and used very well. The action was also very fun and exciting which was a very nice touch for me, and the animation was pretty good.

And that's my review for Flushed Away. The story has some cliches, but it otherwise is fun film with a great cast, enjoyable characters, exciting action and some very, very good comedy. It's a very fun film and I would recommend watching it.

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