Thursday, June 13, 2013

Superman Returns (2006)

Rating: 70%
Well tomorrow is the release of Man of Steel at long last, so with that said, let's finally get it out of the way with reviewing the up the last Superman movie; Superman Returns.

Plot: After 5 years of Superman mysteriously leaving Earth to explore the remains of Krypton, he returns to find out that things have changed. Lois Lane has a son named Jason whose father is supposedly Lois' fiancee, Richard. Lex Luthor is also free from prison due to Superman not appearing at his trial, and has also stolen the crystals from the Fortress of Solitude with a new plan that will kill countless people. So it's up to Superman to stop whatever Luthor's up to while going back to saving the world from catching a place to stopping a robbery. 

Well this may not be the first movie per say, but it does a good job at being a modernized version of the story. Because a fair portion of the film is Superman doing some of the same things as he's done in previous films only doing them in more visually remarkable ways. Most notably when a robber shoots him in the eye and we see the bullet hit his eye with no effect in slow motion. As for the actual story itself, it is a little confusing at times, especially with Jason concerning his personality and how he reacts to certain things on top of who his father really is and how it really is unknown to the characters for the longest time. But for the most part it was well told with more or less give us a rough similarity to the first movie only with a completely new evil plot from Luthor and the climax was not too shabby. There is also the plot hole that Martha Kent is shown to actually be alive in this film even though she was dead in the last two. Though to be fair, it's possible they wrote this film so that they and treat the last two movies like they never existed which if that's the case, I'm down with that. Then there's also the problem with Brandon Routh and Kate Bosworth as Superman and Lois Lane. They weren't bad, but they were too young for their parts. In fact its quite a surprise to know that she was actually 22 when they shot the film. (I know right?) Finally there's Kevin Spacy taking Gene Hackman's place as Lex Luthor. He was still a little bit like a cartoon villain like Hackman's Luthor, but most of it was pretty minimal and in hindsight, he did act a little more like how I imagine Lex Luthor should act like.

And that's my review for Superman Returns. It has its issues with the plot and the characters, but is otherwise brings us a modernized version of the first film with a new evil plan from a Luthor who fits the part a little better then Hackman did that makes Superman Returns a nice film to see. Well that's all the Superman films to date, so in conclusion...they can be better. I mean the first one was a classic and the second was more or less as good, but I just would like them to expand more on the universe of Superman, and I dislike that the best they've done is just Lex Luthor and General Zod. And it can do with less ways of trying to be family funny then making Lex Luthor act like a complete cartoon villain and having a bunch of slapstick from the second and third movies. Now granted, I haven't seen the Richard Donner cut of the second movie, which is hear is awesome. But I do plan to see it really soon before seeing Man of Steel and I'll let you know what I thought of it at some point in my review for the new movie. Until then, I'm going to try to have my 475th review up and running at some point so I have that out of the way before seeing Man of Steel tomorrow. So hope to see you then if I don't give up and make Man of Steel my 475th review.  

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