Tuesday, April 30, 2013

From Here to Eternity (1953)

Rating: 80%
This is another film that I keep looking at the cover of and keep wanting to see it to know what it's about. Here's my review for From Here to Eternity.

Plot: set in 1941, Private Prewitt transfers from the Bugle Corps to a rifle unit at Company "G" at Schofield Barracks in Oahu. When captain Holmes hears his reputation as a middleweight boxer, he asks Prewitt to join their team but he refuses stating that he quit boxing. So Holmes tries to make things a living hell for Prewitt until he gives in. Meanwhile, First Sergeant Warden falls in love with Holmes' wife Karen on whom Holmes has been unfaithful to, and Prewitt falls for a woman named Lorene at a gentleman's club called the New Congress Club.

Okay this didn't completely blow me away, but I liked it. The stories were interesting, the characters were enjoyable and were well acted, - Frank Sinatra seems to stand out the most which I would agree with, from his last scene in the film for sure. The general concept of what happens during most of the movie may not have aged well since it's a little familiar, (like I personally can't help but think of Top Fun a little with some parts of this film)  but I think it works out. But personally I think my only real issue is that I don't think the stories completely balance out. I generally say that because I kind of wanted more of Warden and Karen's story. They were already a little interesting in the beginning what with how he's having an affair with her against her husband who's always cheating her, but then you have the beach scene and she talks about what happened during the earlier years of her marriage and I ended up liking her character more. From that I personally wanted more from their story and thought they could've done more. I mean they did eventually but I don't think it paid off as much as I hoped it would. But anyway, I also liked the fighting during the very end. They did a good with that one stunt especially of a guy getting show down by a plane I thought they did a rather impressive job on.

And that's my review for From Here to Eternity. The plot may be familiar and some of the stories aren't balanced out, but it still has great characters, very well acted, good action and is altogether an enjoyable film all around.

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