Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Princess and the Frog (2009)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 80%

I'm intrigued about how much they are trying to make another Disney classic with this movie particularly.

let's review. handsome prince, girl with a dream, one or two supporting characters that are not human that try to steal the show, big all powerful villain (somewhat) a message about pursuing your dreams or wishing on a star, some music numbers, and the couple falling in love in like, less than a week.

and it looks like the whole race and gender bit form some of Disney's classics came back again. a black community under the exceptions of a few white people, the prince being french unless I'm mistaken, USING the princess just so that the prince can be human again and continue to live his royal life, the princess's best friend being the perfect match at first for the prince because she has blue eyes and blond hair and totally rich, not to mentioned despite actually being a very nice girl, is spoiled and visibly blond as hell. (I'm talking personality not hair)

But i really enjoyed the characters all around. The main villain, The Shadow Man was a fairly decent villain. and like i said, the princess' best friend is actually a really nice girl for a spoiled rich girl, and even her father did stuff like give that paper boy that huge tip of money. which I really liked about both of those character cause that's pretty fresh considering most movies where they have a rich family where the child/children are spoiled in any way. the rest were just okay.

well with all that out of the way... this was very enjoyable movie. a good number of things were predictable, but they still had things that were unique, interesting and fun.

now would i declare this movie as the return of Disney? well again, it had a lot of what Disney had to give these many years. but i do not think it's for me to say that disney is back yet. i mean the supporting characters were kinda cool but they were not genie, timon & pumbaa, the gargoyles, the dwarfs, the little animals etc, and under the exception of "friends on the other side" the songs were no "be our guest", "Casey Jr.", "a whole new world", "be prepared", Hellfire, etc. but if they keep making movies like princess and the frog to a certain extent and go forward from there, there may be a return around this time for disney yet.

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