Friday, November 20, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 10%

yeah it wasn't any better than Twilight.

personally i thought Robert Patterson was doing just fine for the most part in the beginning in terms of actually being Edward Cullen, having the little half smiles or chuckles or the way he talks to Bella and kinda pays attention to everything else at the same time using his mind reading powers and so on. just all around being Edward Cullen as both me and a very close friend of mine imagined Edward when we first read the books. but as soon as the birthday party started, it was back to that gloomy state and he even had his eyes half closed when he was saying good-bye to Bella before he left her.

the graphics were much better. especially for the vampire effects because they sucked during twilight under the exception of the baseball scene.

all the acting was bad under a few exceptions. one was Robert Patterson in the beginning, and the other was Kristen Stewart when it came to acting out the big nightmare Bella had.

But what didn't help was the particular book it was based on personally. I hate New Moon. I just hate what happens. It was just good for only preparing for both the movie and the book for Eclipse. that's it. I mean the only other good things was the whole fight scene in that movie Jacob and Bella and that other kid went to see, which was a cute way to spoof most action movies. Other than that and what I just said about the graphics and Patterson and Stewart's acting, it was just dull and boring.

all around i enjoyed watching it ONLY so that i saw it, but was not disappointed at having them still make it pretty bad for the most part.

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