Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Black Swan (2010)

My Rotten Tomatoes rating: 90% this was a very big movie. it just moves you completely.

Plot: Very unique. they don't show you much about what happens to Nina throughout most of the movie and it just drives you crazy. they introduced everything perfectly, making sure it makes sense to the audience. and you are just moved my what happens. Nina is hardly understanding what is happening around her and it's suspenseful by the minute.

Natalie Portman/Nina Sayers: i've heard a lot from some people such as my boss, that when Natalie Portman first started her career, many people believed that she had great potential. and i can finally see why. because i really don't know what i'm going to think of her the next time i go see so much as the last three Star Wars movies. she makes Nina this woman who desires to be perfect amidst of her overbearing mother, her imaginary rivalry against lily, her desire to accomplish what Thomas wants from her, and through it all, experiences these hallucinations and so on. I was on the edge of my seat through it all and i couldn't believe the performance she made. she i going to win that oscar hands down is my say.
Mila Kunis/ Lily: Frankly, i don't know a lot about Kunis outside of her being poor Meg Griffin in Family Guy. But i think she did a very good job in portraying her character especially during the hallucinations...minus the sex scene...covered my eyes on that. all that's left to say is that they better make a reference on Black Swan in Family Guy, all things considered.
Vincent Cassel/Thomas Leroy: He did a very good job. his put a nice amount of energy with how determined he was to make the show exactly how he wanted it to be.

Editing/Music: excellent. the music was nice and suspenseful and they made quite a way of carrying that suspense out with all the quick cuts and kinds of camera shots that was happening especially during the climax of the film.

so that is my review for Black Swan. it was a very powerful movie and it's one of my personal choices over who should win for Best picture.

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