Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brothers (2009)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 50%

now i felt that this movie was going to be WAY worse than spider-man 3 for Toby Maguire the moment he narrated about Natalie Portman's character EXACTLY the way he did it for the first two spider-man movies over Mary Jane Watson.

and in a sort of general sense, i was right.

for the pros in the plot, they left me curious on what was going to happen when i saw the trailer for it. and i was glad but still surprised that the wife & the brother actually only went was far as just a little kiss (but having Toby Maguire was a little annoying with him not believing them.) and they actually showed Toby Maguire's experience being captured which i liked as far as it not just about his brother's time with his family but also showing his time being captured and all. (Plus i thought it was intriguing with him having a beard when he was captured.)

the cons: it was predictable that Toby Maguire was going to be traumatized from his experience when he returned home. and altogether was predictable with the whole awkward sort of drama for the brother and the family and how it went on from there.

naturally from the acting everyone would cry and get all emotional. but at least for Toby Maguire his crying was nothing like his crying form spider-man 3 (ooohhh spider-man 3. may the potential it had R.I.P.) and his snapping during the end of the movie i thought he did just fine because...well...He just seemed to have done an excellent job on being seriously furious.

i don't want to spoil the ending for those who want to see it, but i'm glad that in the end, Toby Maguire finally tells that one thing to his wife that took the whole time he was back during the movie to confess.

altogether, it was not a terribly bad movie but it's still one i would not want to see again for a long time. so there you go.

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