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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 (2010)

My Rating: 80%

Okay everyone. the second to last round of my Harry Potter Marathon before the big finale. so here we go Round seven

Plot: Dumbledore is dead and with him, whatever help Harry feels he need right now. He has no intention to go back into Hogwarts for his final year. He plans to head out into the world with Ron and Hermione to find the remaining Horcruxes so he can finally kill Voldemort. He sends the Dursley away to keep them safe before he and his friends go on a dangerous mission to get him away from 4 Private Drive one last time and into the Burrow where he'll be safe until he's 17. he manages to get there after at the cost of a few deaths, but shortly afterwords, he and his friends are informed that Vodlemort has killed the Minister of Magic and he has not offically taken over the magical world. and so Harry, Ron and Hermione flee into hiding and carry on their quest to find and destroy the Horcruxes and kill the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Okay. i don't know about you guys, but i thought that while this may still be preparing for the ending like the rest of the movies from David Yates. (Still hate you for ruining Half-Blood Prince a little bit btw Mr. Yates you frick-hole) they actually did it mostly right in the extent of taking things slow, and adding important things that are in the book. granted, sometimes they took it too slow, and other times, especially during their time in the burrow,they took it just about as fast as they especially did in Half-Blood Prince. But what they did all around with telling most of the story so far, not to mention how much of the book was in there in just 2 1/2 hours, I was a bit impressed.

1)revealing information visually or no.
A)in the books, there was a mirror that Sirius gave to Harry and was destroyed after he died. But during the Deathly Hallows book, Harry kept a piece of the mirror with him during his travels with Ron and Hermione. The only thing those of the audience who didn't read the book or don't remember it got out that piece, was that Harry kept looking at it sometimes and it would even show someone in particular that they don't even know who it is. so with the mirror not even seen in the previous movies and that it wasn't even discussed what it was in this movie, most of the audience it totally in the dark.
B)some information is hardly seen. one example is where Harry, Ron and Hermione discover that R.A.B. turned out to be Sirius' brother when they looked at the door in his room, but there was no Close-Up of the name so that the audience could see it for themselves. Granted, for all we know that was shot but was not used by the choice of the editor, Mark Day (which I can believe a little under the circumstances of some of Day's choice of editing when it came to Half-Blood Prince.) but the fact remains that in the official showing of the film, there are things like no Close-Up on that particular part that are suppose to fall in line to the story.

2)Holes: some thing that were part of the detail were left out. Main example is not revealing more about Sirius' brother and how he ever came to know so much as how Voldemort survived when Harry's parents died let alone that he had Horcruxes.

3)Wasting time: so many things were used to fill in the time and it was was not needed.
A)Harry trying to leave and find the Horcuxes by himself only to be stopped my Ron with needless dialogue.
B)Death Eaters stopping the Hogwarts Express just to see if Harry is on it.
C)long moment of just showing characters looking at the environment they are in when they are hiding whether they are in the wood, or on top of a cliff or whatever.
D)moments like Harry & Hermione dancing and Harry taking one last look at the Dursley place...maybe. i mean i personally thought they worked very well for the most part but truth very well might be that they should not have been there.

Now aside from that, storytelling I thought was done well. they explored more and more of the world and the events of Harry Potter. and they actually went as far as covering what seems like close to about 2/3rds of the book in 2 1/2 hours. now crumbling so many Harry Potter events generally doesn't work, especially when it came to the last movie. (yes i know i'm talking about that one too many time i'm sorry.) But this time, they did it in a way where it worked more then it normally does. from the flight, to the chase, to finding the Horcuxes all around, destroying the one they took from Umbridge...and boy did i not expect (ANOTHER SPOILER) the Harry and Hermione from the magic inside to Horcrux kissing naked... that was so unexpected...made a lot of fans screaming in joy during the midnight showings I bet though.

Comedy: went alright as far as moments like what little bit there was of Fred and George.

Acting: Usually I give you guys a list to narrow down everyone's acting, but really this was just Harry Ron and Hermione the entire time around. I had no problem with the acting. and whatever downs there were especially to new characters was not the fault of the actors in my mind's eye. And even then, there's still Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint. New Potter movie after new Potter movie, it's still it's always a pleasure and a joy to see the recent Harry Potter work of the ever loving trio. They get better every time.

Effects: they were fine in the long run. Although i didn't like that the Patronus' were often just a ball of bright light. and i didn't think the effects for the Deluminator were not all that particularly creative.

Mood of the Film: i thought it was done just perfectly. especially with the very end for Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Editing: mostly good, but my main problem was the lack of good shot for specific information like revealing the name of Srius' brother so that we would all be on the same page as the trio. They did a very good job still, but there were still times like that where I disagreed with their choices.

And that is my review for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Oh boy. Now to just look forward to the moment of truth. there is now only slightly less than eight hours left before I see the final film after waiting all these long years. Be excited my fellow viewers. be very excited. The moment of truth is near. The time has come. we only need to wait a few hours longer...

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