Saturday, December 25, 2010

Toy Story 3 (2010)

My Rotten Tomatoes rating: 100%

This is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year, of all animation and of movies all around. when it seemed likely that things wouldn't turn out well for this movie, Pixar proved to be plenty capable of succeeding where many other franchises failed on making a great third movie. heck, it made almost everyone in my family cry when we saw it in theaters. and that's including my dad who is one of the most skeptical guys i know. so caution: like everyone else, my review is going to be pretty fricking one-noted. so yeah.

plot: flawless. i know that sounds like an exaggeration but pretty much everything that occurred throughout this movie pretty much gave a powerful feeling of fun, laughter, suspense, or just really thinking about the toy you have when you were a kid. because it accomplished what few 3rd movies do when it's the last one: finish the movie with a great big bang! I mean one way how they especially made it so was with how they used many of the references from the first two films. best example: the, 7 ish, 10 ish minutes of the movie, which fell in line of Andy playing a mix of the times the played with all the toys from the beginning of the first two films and then there's flashback of other times he played with them while they played "you got a friend in me" I mean it got me so good that after seeing the movie a second time at my grandparents' today, i took a moment unwrapping the trash bag with all of my old toys from when i was a kid and said a little hey to them thinking of the time with them...those tigers Hobbess, Zeke, Sharp Kahn, then there was Woodstock, the lizard made out of beads; Crazy Lazy Jason, and then my two favorites that were pretty much the Woody and Buzz of the party: Snoopy and Pikachu...just hold them again, hugging th-... yes well you get the point. the plot was great, they made it a powerful movie tot he point were it makes you think about your old toys from your childhood as well as those dear characters from this timeless classic trilogy.

Characters:what is there to say? there wasn't a single thing that changed with the main characters. and the new ones gave us all the reason in the world to love them just as much...except for the fact that the main characters have dibs on being all over and being, again, timeless classics. what was fun as far as mixing the two together was the whole relationship between Ken and Barbie, and win a way, Lotso was in a sense similar to Woody as a leader and as someone who had an owner that loved him only that obviously Woody never gave up unlike Lotso who just cracked. so yeah.

Music: just well done. flawless. although, and this is not a big deal but i just feel this way a little, i was kinda mixed with having that spanish version of "you got a friend in me" in the end because i felt it was kind of a movie that needed to end that song in a big bang kinda like the second one, but in reality, it makes sense that it is so because it also kind give a story never ends kind of feeling.

so that's my review on Toy Story 3. it's one-noted in a positive way but fact is, it shouldn't get anything less than that.

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