Friday, December 30, 2016

Sausage Party (2016)

Plot: A supermarket called Shopwell's is filled with anthropomorphic grocery items and the human shoppers are worshiped as gods who take groceries to the "Great Beyond" when they are purchased. Among the groceries in the store is a sausage named Frank, who has dreams of living with his hot dog bun girlfriend, Brenda, in the Great Beyond, where they can finally consummate their relationship. Frank and Brenda's packages are chosen by a grocery shopper but when a returned jar of honey mustard warns Frank that the Great Beyond is a lie and creates an accidental cart collision that causes Frank, Brenda, and several groceries to fall out, Frank goes searching for answers while the rest of the groceries discover a horrible truth about the Great Beyond.

Good Jamison Issac Crocodile this was so wrong. I may have gone to see this movie with my brother, Johnathan knowing that it was going to have very raunchy moments, but it still is pretty unpleasant in so many areas.

I'll start off with the good stuff first. The concept itself is funny. It's a perspective that does demand a lot of over the top humor that we haven't seen before and the animation as you would expect is pretty good. Some of the designs of the characters were a little creative and even the "gory" moments with the food were surprisingly a little funny. In fact, my personal favorite scene is when they did a spoof of the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan. I also thought there were some twists to the story that were clever.

My biggest gripe with this movie however is how offensive it is. To be clear, I know that this movie is meant to be offensive to its audience and I went in knowing that, but when Johnathan and I left the movie theater and he told me how he read a review that said that "everyone gets offended in this movie" and later I watched Jeremy Jahns' review for the movie where he says the same thing, we both found ourselves saying "no it doesn't." Granted, I do recollect a couple of moments where the movie makes satirical looks at politics and warring countries, but from our perspectives they were very dumb downed to focus souly on attacking the belief in God. So much of the dialogue from Frank and Brenda in particular were debates over their rules and beliefs and what happens if you don't follow them. By the end, they reach a decision that (in our point of view) was pretty nihilistic which leads to the second to last scene with all of the food that was really hard to watch. Even if for the sake of the argument I say that maybe Johnathan and I read to much into and we only saw the movie like that because it attacks our beliefs that we both really care about, I still say declaring that everyone gets offended in this movie is not entirely accurate. It attacks some people but appears to favor attacking others. I know it's a comedy and comedies are meant to offend people in order to get a laugh, but from our perspective it doesn't work as well as most people think it does.

And that's my review for Sausage Party. There are moments where I did find myself laughing and it has a number of creative aspects to it, but while it does offend other aspects of society, it feels like it's more focused on offending people with religious beliefs and is executed in a way where the message feels nihilistic. I realize that my brother and I might be taking this more seriously than the film probably wanted us to be, but we really cant look at this any other way. If you're just after cartoon gore and dark humor and want to see a film that sort of offends everyone, I guess you'll like this film fine given its reception. But if you don't want to see a film that has cartoon gore or offends your beliefs in a way that may come off as too insulting, then this is a movie I would skip.

Rating: 50%

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