Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love Actually (2003)

Rating: 90%
Hello everyone. It's H.A.K.  Sorry It's been over a month since my Godfather part II review, but I've been very busy with two jobs and just enjoying what was left of my summer. But I'm back for hopefully more reviews, and I would like to start off with a film that was shown to me on the first day of my Editing Aesthetics class at film school: Love Actually.

Plot: This film consists of nine different stories all set in Britain that are being told during the weeks before Christmas that all have to do with love. First one is about a rock and roll legend Billy Mack trying to make a comeback with his manager. The second is about  Mark who secretly has feelings for his best friend's newlywed wife. Then we have a stepfather who has just lost his wife  trying to help his stepson get a girl he's in love with to notice him, a managing director having trouble between his wife and his secretary, a server who just wants to find a woman to be with, and...screw it, there's just so many, it's probably better not to name them all.

Now for quite some time, I've believed that there really are only three romantic comedies int he 21st century that are not only original (for the most part in some areas), but ACTUALLY ROMANTIC AND FUNNY!!! Those three being Once, Easy A, and Crazy Stupid Love. In my point of view up till now, these three seemed to be the only ones that actually were well thought off and lived up to their genre during the past 13 years - part of why Easy A and Crazy Stupid Love are one of my favorite films. So I thought there weren't anything else...at least until I saw this move. Not only does this film have some enjoyable acting from a completely British star class, but it has very clever writing with some funny jokes, well thought of characters, and a series of good stories that they give us that all focus on giving us the same message about love. And since this was seen in a class about editing, I will say that I agree with my teacher that the editor does his job very well with giving us all these stories with some very good transactions through cuts and even music at times, and just giving a good amount of balance between them. This is almost 35 minutes shorter then Cloud Atlas and is tackling more stories then that film did, and that makes all the more impressive that way. Granted it's not perfect as how one of my fellow students thought that some stories should've been cut, and I would agree that some of them are rather thin and you seem to forget some of them very quickly. But whenever some of them are seem to be forgotten, it's rarely for too long and they make it so that you can instantly remember them once they're brought back.

And that's my review for Love Actually, it's a well written film that actually succeeds in being a genuine romantic comedy with it's clever jokes an stories that are all connected to state its message about love. You may be lost at some point and forget/dislike some stories depending on your particular experience, but it is otherwise a great romantic comedy, another of the very few I've seen in this century, and is a film from that genre that I would recommend.

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