Sunday, October 23, 2011

Spider-man 3 (2007)

My Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 20%

for me, spider-man 3 was the most disappointing thing for me since Aaron Carter when it came to him becoming a true celebrity. it's only better than Batman forever because not every thing was JUST laid out or out adding WAY too many things to the character that were not even what the characters truly are in the comics. or decided to do some random theme.

the acting sucked. some of the emotions were totally unnecessary such as Maguire crying like he's in kindergarten.

now they made peter parker a complete idiotic crybaby. he's not caring for his girl almost at all, he randomly starts getting ticked off at people, and think he's all that ALL even BEFORE the venom costume. and having the venom costume didn't help obviously i mean the whole saturday night fever thingy and trying to win MJ by trying to go out with GWEN!?!?! in mean the dance scene... the fricking dance scene... THE FRICKING SCENE!!! THOSE PEOPLE HAD THE BALLS TO RAPE MY SUPER HERO WITH A FRICKING DANCE SCENE!!!! I'LL KILL THEM!!!!! I'LL KILL ALL OF THEM!!!! I'LL TAKE TAKE THEIR HEADS OUT OF THEIR BODIES AND BREAK THEM IN HALF WITH MY BARE HANDS!!! MY BARE HANDS FRICK IT!!!!  AND THEN I'LL THRUST THEIR BODIES ON SPIKES FOR EVERYONE TO SEE!!!! THEY MUST PAY FOR THEIR CRIMES AGAINST SPIDER-MAN AND AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!!!
 * 4 months later* I apologize for that outburst. It's just that even now, it gets me with the horror within that is that particular scene. 
The other thing is, what the frick is with gwen getting in the picture? Stan Lee should've had that disapproved that gwen was going be that nuisance that she was in peter and mj's relationship as WELL AS... *takes a deep breath* you-know-what-scene. i mean spider-man LET gwen kiss him even though he has girlfriend he as already planned to propose too. i mean that may make sense to some readers to the spider-man comics in some idiotic way, but with how they played this franchise out that MJ is always clearly the one shows that gwen should not have been in the movie at all if she was going to be in it just for that frick.

now the villains: some of the effects for sandman i thought were kind of cool when it came to his sand form and stuff even though it was kinda freaky with spider-man ramming his head into a train. but HOW he became sandman was stupid. you'd think they'd check to see if it was a bird right? but the biggest disappointment villain wise was Venom. the action was fine with Venom. heck the action in the movie was not too bad to begin with. but what about Venom himself? they have eddie take off his venom face for the dialouge. FRICK EDDIE!!! some of us fans have been dying for over a year to see Venom in a spider-man movie. and they barley show his face or himself to begin with at all. we have seen ENOUGH of eddie we want Venom. i mean i had to use the snipping tool on the family computer so that i would have actually clear pictures of Venom in the movie (if you guys want to see them please don't hesitate to ask me.) 
plus he hardly looked anything like venom from the comics. i mean here's Venom in the comics
and here's he is in the right side of an awesome picture of what people hoped we would look like for this movie

 and this is what we got instead

I mean it sort of looks like him but based on how so many of us are familiar with venom, he could've been so much more.
altogether, it was good just for the action and for what little there was for Venom. and may the Lord have mercy for everyone who is working on this fricking spider-man reboot.because you know it's bad when we, the fans have come up with very simple opinions like this:

 and the best point in my opinion:


  1. This was so disappointing, it would've been a better film if they just kept Venom out of it, great review

  2. No you have it wrong. there was suppose to be MORE of Venom, just done in the correct way.