Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Greenberg (2010)

My Rating on Rotten Tomatoes: 10%

when we choose our selection of rented movie to watch on one tuesday night, is was a decision between this movie and Iron Man 2...halfway through the movie we were like, "WHY THE HECK DIDN'T WE CHOOSE IRON MAN 2!?!?!?!?!"

as far as ben stiller's actual character, Greenberg, I would like to have learned more about his previous breakdown that happened a long time before the events of the movie. to try to describe Greenberg, he's a mixture of Michael Scott from the office, a bit of my own autism, and the autism of someone who is good with building things, is nice sometimes or wants to do one things then he wants to do something else the rest of the time, has a terrible temper and all that jazz. you are just not comfortable with the character the entire time. and i mean uncomfortable as in, at least Michael Scoot is sometimes funny and is a lovable character to quite a few of us.

now the plot...IT DOESN'T HAVE AN END WHEN YOU WANT ONE!!! i'm sure that spoiled it for those who haven't seen it and want to. But you know what? I! DON'T! GIVE! A! DARN! IT'S A BAD MOVIE AND I'M DOING YOU A FAVOR BY TELLING YOU THIS AND THAT'S FINAL!!! there's some small laughs and some not all that censored sex for those who are perverts, but that's it!!!

so there you have it, it's a bad movie, not worth your time, and my family and i are really pissed that we didn't choose Iron Man 2 and in some way decided to not watch this movie at all. You are welcome!!!

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